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It all started with that stupid Jeep. I was 18, the year was 1998. My 1984 Bronco (1) was in major disrepair, and I went looking for a car that had air conditioning. I wish I new myself then. Somehow, at a dealership with my parents, I found myself buying a Pontiac Sunfire. Half way through the process I decided that I should just buy the brand new Jeep (2) that was on the showroom floor. If I could go back and slap myself, I would find a newer Bronco for me, or just wait a few months and find something better that summer.


No A/C, no power windows, well, they zipped down. The 4 cylinder automatic Jeep had no power at all. Four months and seven thousand miles later, I traded it in on a 1996 Monte Carlo(3), with high mileage, air conditioning and at the time those cars looked nice.

It lasted about a year, before I found and bought a 1979 Bronco(4). That truck defined me. Loud and slow, kinda smelly, full of rough edges. I bought in August, and it took a month to get it tagged. Two weeks after tagging it, I found an add for a 1994 Cougar(5).


The Monte was falling apart. I had a lot of trouble with it, too much to mention. The main reasons for trading it, were the a/c was failing, the light switch would work when it wanted too, and the Cougar was V8 RWD, and leather. Ugly blue leather.

So two weeks after introducing the Bronco to my friends, I introduced the Cougar them. It took me owning two blue cars with blue interior to realize my favorite color is blue. I had these two cars for a while, mostly because at this point I was triple upside-down on the Cougar.


So, feeling the need to make more money, I became a Realtor and promptly went bankrupt. The cougar was repossessed, I drove the Bronco full time until I was able to buy a Pontiac Bonneville (6).

That car was awesome at first, but quickly died. It had a sunroof that began to leak buckets. A sensor went bad and it would not idle down below 2500 for a few weeks, i went through sensors trying to fix it. That, in turn, killed the transmission. Luckily I was with my future wife. We went to trade it in, and she bought herself an 2004 Explorer(8), I inherited her 1999 Grand Prix(7).


She was not one to fix problems on her car, so I inhertied a number of issues. That car's downfall, eventually, was the plastic intake. It made it to work, and never started again. We went and bought a certified used 2006 Grand Prix (8), since I was putting 90 mile a day on my car, going to work and school.

So now, the fun begins. That 2006 Grand Prix lost a valve spring at 19k miles, and I had to convince them to replace the battery that was dying in it, was dead. Last GM I will own. I was a Ford man before, but that is ridiculous. Well, I have had my issues with Fords, also.


That 2006 Explorer had some crazy issues. I had to do a tune up at 60k, which is unusual. It lost a pully bearing and I had to replace that and the belt at about the same time. Also, the air was constantly broken. We compared some cars and ended up with a 2008 Ford Edge (9), Limited. That purchase was a nightmare at first, I will explain in another post.

I sold the Bronco, and bought a big screen tv. Never do that, as now I have the money to fix that truck up. Speaking of trucks, the wife and I were going to be in need of one in the near future. I randomly stopped in a dealership one day on the way home, when traffic was pretty bad.


I left with a 2008 Mustang GT (10). Oops. That car was awesome. I put magnaflow exhaust on it, and drove around shaking peoples windows. A short time later, after some financial menauvering, we sold a rental house my wife had owned, and started to fix up the one we lived in. I went out and found a 1993 F250 (11) to drive in the snow and use for the house.

I find buying from for sale by owner cars more challenging and exciting then buying from dealers. Mostly because I am always well researched. Where are we, oh the F250, I bought that in 2009. So how many cars did I buy since? Four.


My father's truck died and I lent him the F250. He still has it. I went to buy another old truck, and ended up trading the Mustang in on a 2010 F150 XLT (12)with a 5.4. The Mustang was fully loaded, so it was a downgrade, but the new F150's are sooo nice. I drove it about half a mile before deciding to buy it. I cried a little, inside, when I traded in the mustang, but had a plan to pay off the F150 then buy another Mustang.

My wife's Edge had bad brakes. They would get soft after a few thousand miles. Every time we had it in for warranty, we would have the brakes fixed. It was 2011, and the warranty was up, so it was either, put brembo's on the Edge or trade it in. The 2011 Edge Sport(13) is an awesome beast. Fully loaded on 22's, my wife will not let go of that car anytime soon. I am not so attached to things.


My boss liked my 2010 F150, he went out to buy an Ecoboost F150. It is still 2011, but a about 10 months after the wife's purchase. I made a list of the things I was missing from the Mustang that I wanted in my F150, and sent it to a dealer, with a price point included. My research had determined that the combination of options would be impossible to find.

He found two, and I picked the white 2011 F150 FX4 (14) with a 5.0. I was, indeed, thinking I was crazy to trade a 2010 on a 2011, until I drove the 2011. The 5.0 is a powerhouse, the FX4 has everything but NAV, including a 700watt sound system, leather, backup camera. It sits a little taller and stiffer then the XLT. I picked it up at lunch just to "see." and bought it that night.


So here it is over a year after buying the 2011 F150, and the itch came again. I looked at Mustangs for a while, figured I would go the old truck route again. Suddenly, my wife buys a puppy, and decided we need a not-leather car to take the dogs to the creek in. (Somehow a cap on the truck is not an option for her).

I introduce you to the 1994 Bronco(15). My fifteenth vehicle. I have an addiction. I wrote this to distract myself from a Mustang I found online, that I know I could work a deal on. I just need to open my own dealership. That way I could drive all the cars.

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